Mindframe is a Web Development firm providing services that range from basic Web page design to E-Commerce, Intranets and Extranets, to complex database design and integration of existing business systems. Our broad software development capabilities allow us to tailor fit every solution to the specific needs of each client - without limitations. Based on a robust, modular architecture, our solutions are extremely flexible, scalable, and easy to use.

Mindframe's technical capabilities include HTML, Cold Fusion, .NET, PHP, CSS, JQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, XML, API Development, PERL, Java, and many other technologies. In addition to our technical and programming skills, we also provide Graphic Design, Business Analysis and Strategy, as well as Web Hosting Services.

Some of our most popular services are listed below. Read on to learn more about each service.

Microsoft SQLServer
iOS Apps
Android Apps


If you are planning to sell your goods or services over the Internet, an E-Commerce site is what you will need, and Mindframe can deliver. Our experienced team of developers can work with you to design a site to fit your needs - from simple catalog sites to much more complex systems with built-in order processing and fulfillment. We design our E-Commerce sites so that you control the entire process. You can add and manage products, update pricing, set up sales or specials, and process orders through your password-protected Maintenance Area.

Additional services we provide include: credit card processing, back end order fulfillment, API development, integration with existing customer service, accounting, inventory, shipping management systems, and dynamic SKU generation. In addition, we have experience creating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, membership accounts, customer loyalty and affiliate programs as well as designing gift certificate/coupon and contest/promotion programs. Whatever your needs, Mindframe will work with you to create the best technology solution for your company.

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily post content to your website. You may want to post company press releases, articles that people have written, or other important documents you want the world to be able to access, or simply add or edit pages on your site. By logging into your secure, password-protected Maintenance Area, you will be able to add and edit the content on your site with no outside help, meaning you can keep your site as up-to-date as possible with new and relevant information.

Our Content Management Systems feature easy-to-use What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing tools that allow even the least technically savvy individual to make updates to your website in real-time. All of our Content Management Systems come with image management and manipulation software that automatically scales and optimizes images for the Web when a high-resolution original image is uploaded. The customizable options of this type of system also allow for quick or advanced searches, posting PDF documents, reporting, and the creation of template-based email newsletters and press releases.

All of Mindframe's Content Management Systems also contain multi-level, rights-based security packages that allow site administrators to create additional CMS users and grant them access to only the areas they are authorized to use.

Website Design

Regardless of what your website needs to do, you want it to look good. Mindframe provides full-service Graphic Design, and can either work with your existing logo and brand elements to create a site reflecting your current identity, or create a new site look and feel for you from scratch. We are also able to implement a site design, whether done internally or externally, and turn design files into working HTML and CSS code.

One increasingly important area for a lot of businesses is mobile ready and responsive site design. As more and more people do most of their web browsing on phones, tablets, and other smaller screens, it's important to provide them with a positive user experience. Mindframe works with our clients to either build a Mobile Device look and feel based on your current site, or to redesign your site from the ground up to work effectively on all devices.


An Intranet is a privately maintained site that can be accessed only by authorized persons in your company. There are many different uses for an Intranet, depending on your needs. Your Intranet could be used to provide document management and file sharing, training and assessment, employee to-do lists, individual and group messaging, public and private calendars, timecard and project management tools, or project tracking and invoicing.

An Extranet is an extension of a company's Intranet or website that allows selected customers, suppliers, mobile workers or other authorized users to access your company's private data and applications. You may want to post files to share with certain users that aren't available to the general public, or post specific pricing information that is available only to authorized preferred customers. Not only is the Extranet password-protected, but you can manage the security so that certain users can only see specific parts of the site, depending on their needs and level of access.

Mindframe's Intranets and Extranets contain customizable options for reporting and multi-level, rights-based security packages as well as options for integrated client extranet tools and data integration with Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks and other programs. In addition to the diverse functionality they provide, these sites can be made completely themeable and skinable, so users can pick and change their own theme and color scheme at any time.

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